8 Mirror Putting Drills

The graphics and tools provided by the Quintic Putting Alignment Mirror enable you to perfect consistent alignment of the putter face, shoulders and eye position during each putt. The Quintic Mirror can be used on all manner of putts, breaking, straight and varying lengths. Use this product indoors or on the practice putting green where tees can be used in specially designated positions to hold the mirror firmly in place…


I have been in the world of golf biomechanics and research for over 20 years working scientifically to biomechanically analyse the putting stroke. I have worked with many PGA Professional golfers and I am constantly using additional input to scientifically reassess principles and push the boundaries in the field of ‘Putting Biomechanics’. With the development of the Quintic Ball Roll (www.quinticballroll.com) and research during impact at 50,000fps the Quintic Putting Alignment Mirror is one such result – a simple, yet extremely effective training tool, enabling golfers at all levels to improve their putting stroke. The eight drills below will help you to use the Quintic Putting Alignment Mirror to its best to ensure perfect alignment, promote consistency and ultimately enable you to make more putts… Practice with the correct feedback, please don’t guess!

  • Drill 1: Perfect Putter Alignment
  • Drill 2: Club Face Square
  • Drill 3: Eyes ‘Parallel’ to Target
  • Drill 4: Shoulders Parallel to Target
  • Drill 5: Toe & Heel Tee – ‘Tiger’ drill
  • Drill 6: Correct Putter Attack Angle @ Impact!
  • Drill 7: Restricting Backswing
  • Drill 8: Eyes Position after the Stroke – Have you moved?!?

Always remember, the time the putter is in contact with the ball = 0.000125 seconds… Please make it count!

Good Luck…

*Once you the drills have been purchased you will be sent a link to download the product. The link will expire after 7 days from purchase and with a maximum of 2 download (for examples 2 computers). If you require any assistance please email info@paulhurrion.com