PH Elevated String Line

The PH Elevated String Line provides a visually powerful way to practise one of the key fundamentals of your putting stroke. A MUST for all golf training and practice for all levels of golfer! The major aspects which can be addressed using the PH Elevated String Line are set-up, alignment and green reading. In addition, putter path and the height of the putter during the stroke can be analysed. The string can be adjusted height wise by wrapping the string around the pole, to provide great feedback for this common fault in putting. However, arguably my favourite drill with the PH Elevated String Line is when using it on breaking putts. How many goes does it take you to pick the correct starting line? Pace controls line, but where are you aiming the putter? And does the ball start on its intended direction with the desired pace!

The PH Elevated String Line is very easy to see on the greens with a vibrant orange colour that is clear in all lighting conditions. The elastic string is fantastic quality with a clear carry tube for easy storage.  The eye catching orange colour is in honour of our RJD Putting Academy in the Netherlands!


All you do is simply go to the practice green, unroll the string and position the poles into the green, extending the orange elastic string between them. At first, it is best to do this on a fairly level surface. Later, you can practise on breaking putts: left to right, right to left, uphill, downhill… It is not necessary to align the string to a hole, you can use the Ghost Holes to provide multiple new targets.

Remember the eyes DO NOT need to be directly over the target line! Find the position you best see ‘STRAIGHT’. The PH Elevated String Line can be used in conjunction with other Paul Hurrion training aids, such as the Putting Mirror, Putting Gates, Spin Balls, Ghost Holes and even ProStance.

  • Rubber end caps make it easy to push into the green. How many goes does it take you to set the string line up? I use this as a mark of your green reading skills!
  • Comes with a clear plastic carry tube, which keeps it from getting tangled up and easily stores in your golf bag for practice sessions.
  • Work on hitting your line and speed like Tour Pros.
  • Excellent Gift for Beginner, Advanced or PGA Professional Player.