PH Putting Entry Cup

Green reading is a fascinating and yet sometimes frustrating concept to master, trying to visualise break and speed, the effects of grain, wind and the occasional spike mark you missed taping down – is it any wonder that, at times, putting becomes nothing more than ‘hit and hope’? Learning to recognise the true line of a breaking putt is the first step to building up your confidence.

Making a putt on a slope demands the perfect combination of speed and line. Remember, gravity is a constant. It is affecting the roll of the ball and how it breaks, therefore the slower the ball is rolling, the more gravity will affect the roll and line.

There has always been a lot of discussion about how to best visualise the line of the putt across the green. Maybe the most popular notion is aiming the ball’s initial starting line (a projected straight line) adjacent to the hole, followed by aiming the putter to that point. Regardless of technique, such visualising always stops at the hole!


Choosing the correct speed is vital in order to work out the intended line. Practising with the PH Putting Entry Cup trains your eyes to see the true entry point on breaking putts. Where does the ball enter the hole? Picture a clock face – at which point does the golf ball enter the hole? The Black spot on the opposite side draws your attention to the back of the hole, thus helping with the visualisation of the true break of the putt. Don’t stop visualising at the front lip of the hole, continue through and even out of the back of the hole!

  • Ball speed is a key component in order to putt successfully.
  • Aiming to leave the ball ‘dying’ in the front edge vs 1 foot or even 2 feet past the hole has a MARKED effect on the required ball speed, start line and effective hole size, particularly when putting on a slope.
  • Entry speed and direction needs to be specific to distance, slope & stimp and may also vary depending on a person’s preference and style of putting (dead weight or 18″ past the hole)
  • Golfers should focus on optimising the effective size of the hole and entry point to give them the best chance of holing the putt, rather than always finishing a set distance past the hole

See the Perfect Entry Point and Line

  • The PH ‘Putting Entry Cup’ acts as a 25% cup reducer. It is a circular device that sits inside a standard golf hole with a 3 inch opening.
  • The key for using the PH Putting Entry Cup is to place it inside the hole with the opening turned to where the ball will enter the hole.
  • Where on the clock face? (5 o’clock or 9 o’clock).
  • How many goes does it take to get the PH Putting Entry Cup in the correct location.
  • Visualise the curve of the putt and how your speed will affect that curve.
  • Practising with the PH Putting Entry Cup will help you visualise the required line and speed.
PH Putting Entry Cup

“In reality, it is harder to control speed than line.
If you can’t control speed, how do you know which line to choose”