PH Alignment Dot Laser

The most important fundamental you need to be a great putter is ‘PERFECT AIM’ with the putter face. Putter face alignment at impact accounts for over 92% of the direction of the ball (with a centre strike). The golf ball is in contact with a putter for such a short period of time (significantly less than a ‘Driver’), so make sure IMPACT counts. How do you know why the golf ball missed left (or right)?  because of your read, alignment at address or was it face angle at impact?  Feedback is crucial, so ‘why guess when you can measure!’

Instructions for Use:

  • Ask the golfer to set-up for a putt, aiming directly at the hole (A).
  • Remove the ball, asking the golfer to maintain putter head position.
  • Place the PH Alignment Dot Laser in front of the putter face, with the barrel pointing towards the hole and PH Alignment Board, ensuring that the backside of the laser block is flush with the putter face (B).
  • The laser is now visible on the Alignment Board, highlighting where the player’s perceived square club face is actually aiming (C).
  • Finally, correct the putter using the laser to show where an actual square putter face is aiming (D). The laser should aim at 0 on the board, when 0 is the centre of the hole (on a flat putt) – You have two options with the backboard (Metric or Imperial)
  • Outdoor / Indoor on breaking putts! The RED dot laser will be clearly seen outdoors (even in the brightest of sun conditions). When using the laser for breaking putts, ensure the golfer ‘states which number he or she is aiming’ before the laser is placed flush with the putter face!  Do you under read a left to right or over read a right to left. Remember Face aim is up to 92% of the start direction of the golf ball (E).

I don’t believe people who aim right (or left at set-up) can square the clubface every time at impact…


The most important fundamental you need to be a great putter is ‘PERFECT AIM’ with the putter face. Using simple trigonometry measurements, it’s a fact that if the putter is 1° open (aiming right) or 1° closed (aiming left) to the centre of the hole from a length of 8ft, then the measurement of misalignment from this distance will be 2.125 inches. The width measurement of a standard hole or cup in the green is 4¼ inches so this will result in a missed putt due to the ball not starting on the correct putt line. The ‘PH Alignment Dot Laser ‘ will help you consistently aim your putter face from any distance on the greens more accurately, it is a potential game changer and will help you start to understand what you need to do to change and fix your past bad habits and hole more putts. The Dot Laser also comes with a leatherette logoed pouch for protection when in transit.

Key Features

  • ‘Red Dot’ Laser 5mm dot at 5m range (Max Output Power <100mW – Wavelength 650nm ±10)
  • 20m range for putting analysis
  • Clearly visible outdoors even in bright sunshine!
  • Quintic Metric / Imperial Aiming Board
  • Integral switch
  • 1 x CR123A battery supplied
  • Class III Laser Product (This product complies with 21 CFR)
  • Minors are prohibited from use, Do not point direct into eyes.