Pendulum Rods

The pendulum rods are a very effective practice tool to feel the shoulders and torso rotating together throughout the putting stroke… In order to create a single pivot point throughout the putting stroke, both shoulders (left and right) must be working at the same speed.  I commonly use the pendulum rods with players of all abilities to create a ‘feeling’ of rotation and symmetry for their putting stroke.

Please Note: Two drills and detailed explanation of how to use the pendulum rods are included with each purchase.


The Pendulum Rods helps a golfer to stay in posture throughout the stroke and keep their hands from flipping at impact. The idea being to create symmetry with the shoulders, elbows and wrists during the putting stroke – just like the putting robot! The Pendulum Rods consist of two rods, joined together by a small piece of elastic. Before placing the rods under your armpits, wrap one loop of the elastic around the putter shaft below the putter grip (see image below).

Place each rod under your armpits, with a small amount of pressure with the upper arms, squeeze the rods towards your rib cage and grip the putter underneath the two rods with your normal putting grip. The rods will create a small amount of pressure on your hands and forearms – your aim is to maintain this pressure and connection. If you lose connection with your arms, the rods will fall…

Player’s Focus: Tempo of the stroke, smooth transition and a solid, consistent contact with the ball. The pendulum rods mimic the ideal robot action: the shoulders, elbows and wrists are fixed with their respective speeds and are identical for both the lead and trail joints. Keep your hands in the same position throughout!

The perfect pendulum requires no manipulation in your hands, wrists or shoulders. If you rely on manipulation of the clubface, forearms and / or shoulders, will it stand up under pressure? When a golfer manipulates the putter with wrist break and /or elbow movement then a double or even triple pendulum effect is created through the additional pivot points at the wrists and elbows.