PH Putting Clips

The Putting Clips are in fact three different sizes… they are aimed for the Beginner, Intermediate and Advance with the ‘Advance’ not leaving much room for error on impact! All three size options are included in the packaging, so enabling you to start with the Beginner size gap and work up… Its not as easy as you might first think!


putting clipDuring the latest research at Quintic using 50,000fps cameras it has highlighted the amount the club face can twist as a result of the impact collision with the golf ball. An off centre strike will also cause the ball to start upto TWO degrees off line. A ball struck from the ‘toe’ will cause the putter to OPEN and the ball start to the right. A ball struck from the ‘heel’ will cause the putter face to CLOSE and the ball start left (relative to a right hander). The amount the ball will start off line will depend on: how off-centre the strike was, the type of putter used and the clubhead velocity at impact… Even PGA Tour players can miss hit a putt that will cause the face to twist and the ball to start over ONE degree off the intended line. One degree putter face misalignment can cause the ball to MISS the hole from outside 8ft! Don’t let it be as a result of a off-centre hit!

During my coaching with Robert-Jan Derksen, he would always refer this as the ‘Middle of the Middle’, his increased awareness of the exact location of the sweet spot was vital feedback for his practice! Simply peel off the adhesive backing off the ‘Putting Clip’, then line it up so the face matches the sweet spot of your putter.

In the three examples below, the first highlights a centre strike, with minimal club face twist 0.07 degrees. The second example shows the ball being struck out of the heel (resulting in the club face closing -1.23º) with the third example being struck towards the toe and as a result opening 0.63º and imparting unwanted side spin (hook) as a result, otherwise referred to as ‘the gear effect’. Making contact with the ‘Middle of the Middle’ and the putter doesn’t twist, ensuring consistent pace and clubface alignment at impact. Miss the spot and there is no sound, the ball jumps sideways… ensure solid contact, how many can you hit in the sweet spot in a row?


Practicing with the ‘Putting Clips’ will help you to learn whether you’re hitting the toe, heel. top or bottom on your putter. Most players have a consistent pattern of how they miss putts. By using the ‘Putting Clips’ it will help you identify your miss and provide you with valuable feedback during each putt. Your ultimate aim to forget you even have the ‘Putting Clips on your putter during practice! Good Luck, it worked for me
Robert-Jan Derksen

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