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PH Outdoor Putting Pack

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The Paul Hurrion Outdoor Pack is available for the discounted price of £130 + p&p
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Package includes four products:

  1. PH Outdoor Putting Gates
  2. ProStance
  3. Quintic Putting Mirror
  4. 8 Putting Mirror Drills

Full product description below.

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Product Description

1. PH Outdoor Putting Gates (RRP £40 + p&p) A pack of 4 gates from size 3 to size 0

The PH Putting Gates vary in size to test golfers of all levels and ability, from size 3 being the most generous to size 0 being the most challenging! They give you instant feedback on your ability to start your ball on your intended start line. The ‘PH Gates’ come in 4 different sizes (75mm, 65mm, 55mm and 50mm) which when placed at specific distances from the ball on your chosen target line create a intermediate target that is required to successfully putt the ball through the gate. One of my keys is to look at wear a player puts the gate! this tells me immediately how they are reading a particular green.

See the below picture of Danny Willett using the PH gates whilst practicing before his win at the Omega Dubai Desert Classic (Feb 2016)


2. ProStance (RRP £60 + p&p)

A revolutionary golf practice aid that helps golfers of all abilities to develop a better understanding of weight distribution and balance at address.

3. Quintic Putting Mirror + 8 Mirror Putting Drills (RRP £46.99 + p&p)

The QUINTIC Putting Alignment Mirror is a simple yet extremely effective training tool, enabling golfers at all levels to improve their putting stroke.

The graphics and tools provided by the Quintic Putting Alignment Mirror enable you to perfect consistent alignment of the putter face, shoulders and eye position during each putt and can be used on all manner of putts, breaking, straight and varying lengths. Use this product indoors or on the practice putting green where tees can be used in specially designated positions to hold the mirror firmly in place…

Please see the below image of Dr Hurrion with Danny Willett using the ProStance and Quintic Putting Mirror at the HSBC in Shanghai, China (Nov 2015)


*Please note: When travelling with the mirror, to prevent breakages and bending, it is important to use the provided zipped black travel case and to pack it flat (e.g. in a suitcase). In addition to this, it is advisable not to expose the mirror to excessive heat (for example: left in a car during hot weather) as the mirror may bend. If, on the rare occasion, your mirror does bend slightly it is still possible to continue using your putting mirror outdoors by inserting tee pegs in the allocated holes to make it flat. Lying the mirror on a flat surface with a heavy even distributed weight on top will, over time, usually correct any slight bending.

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