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Green reading is a fascinating and yet sometimes frustrating concept to master, trying to visualise break and speed, the effects of grain, wind and the occasional spike mark – is it any wonder that at times putting becomes nothing more than a case of hit and hope? Learning to recognise the true line of a breaking putt is the first step to building up your confidence.  One of my keys to putting is to understand the difference between a good putt and a poor putt. You can misread a putt, pull it and hole the putt – does that make you a good putter? Hey, you got lucky. but two wrongs don’t always make a right. This style of putting would perhaps at best be streaky, but not one that will deliver a consistent, repeatable stroke. I find the majority of amateurs and even seasoned professionals tend to under-read breaking putts. The ‘PH Outdoor Putting Gates’ provide a graphic illustration that will enhance your ability to visualise the true break. Remember, gravity is a constant, but pace and line go hand in hand.

Product Description

PH Outdoor Putting Gates are simple and easy to use devices that give you instant feedback on your ability to start your ball on your intended start line. The ‘PH Gates’ come in 4 different sizes (75mm, 65mm, 55mm and 50mm) which when placed at specific distances from the ball on your chosen target line create a intermediate target that is required to successfully putt the ball through the gate. One of my keys is to look at wear a player puts the gate! this tells me immediately how they are reading a particular green.

Training with both the different size gates over different distances will give you feedback on the club face angle at IMPACT. Using the PH gates on breaking putts provides valuable feedback on the quality of your strike and ability to hit neutral putts (zero side spin) and the amount of manipulation during the downswing. Can you start the ball successfully on your line you have read!, a miss LEFT is the same as a miss RIGHT. They still miss the hole and is one extra shot!  The path of a breaking putt is clearly illustrated in the sand, with the true extent of the ‘borrow’ revealed as the ball slows near the hole – a factor that is accentuated when you extend the line of the putt 18 inches beyond the hole. Those who believe in aiming at the apex of a putt are under-reading the borrow, as the graphics here reveal.  You could place a ‘PH Gate’ anywhere along the path of the ball, the key is for you to do it ‘without the aid of the ball imprint in the sand!  It also works well on a green with the morning dew still visible, it is fantastic feedback to see the path the ball through the ‘PH Gate’.

Always remember, the key is to hole the putt, so don’t just try and get the ball through the gate, if you hole the putt, the ball will go through!




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